Because playing is a joyful, engaging activity, based on interaction with others and the world. It is meaningful to the player, who is motivated to repeat the experience for the sake of improving himself.


In the game you learn to experiment by trial and error and to make riskier choices;

You train strategic creativity (imagination and logic together), to solve problems in a constructive way;

You unleash enthusiasm and participation, overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers and involving everyone.

For fun, you are more spontaneous and free from work habits, you can try new solutions and more effective behaviors.

The metaphor of play and creativity allow you to address both issues of personal identity, team and organization. You can have a systemic representation of complex projects where everyone contribute to the collective dynamic.

The game becomes serious when it includes an objective linked to a specific professional and educational activity.


That’s why we propose tailor-made playful paths, according to your objectives.

 «Today serious game/play is more and more in vogue in companies… This is because it responds to a twofold need: to train in a different way by introducing “doing”, and to lead employees to develop their creativity, their ability to seize opportunities… Playng is a means of transfer that allows to manage conflicts and to bring out new postures, new forms of belonging, new working methods, innovation and, of course, learning»

Excerpt from The Management through Games: better learn to learn by Cécile DEJOUX, management teacher at Cnam and ESCP Europe, Paris.

The original article in The Conversation

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