Team development

Client: French subsidiary of a multinational B2B services company


Learning path

«SUPER Back Office: regain your role and prove your value to succeed together»

As a result of internal restructuring, the back-office service experienced changes that required employees to quickly adopt a multi-tasking posture with new responsibilities.

The management wanted to support employees to seize the situation as an opportunity to develop their professional skills.

The first day was dedicated to a collective reflection on the role of the department, to create cohesion, and improve practices.

The second day alternated a playful-practical training on the functioning of the human brain facing change and practical activities to train adaptive intelligence and creativity as a resource.

They focused on the opportunities of job growth of each participant in the new configuration.

Duration: two days for a team of 30 back office operators and 6 managers

Methods: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Thiagi Interactive Strategies, Applied Creativity Techniques, Neurocognitive Approach

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