Team development with robotics

 Customer: Public Administration


Test & Learn and Team Development  with robotics:

«Solving a spatial challenge with LEGO® robots to learn how to work better together»

The goal: to get used to digital tools, to understand the importance of an agile approach based on iteration, collaboration, and communication, to experience the critical steps of learning by trial and error.

By simulating the work of space researchers, participants worked in small groups to build and program a remotely piloted robot made with LEGO® bricks. They then perfected its  functionality so that the rover would identify the presence of plants and stop before crushing them.

The iteration of the processes revealed the importance of analyzing any errors (retrospective) to understand what to change and achieve the goal. Managers realized how essential is the relevant communication of information and the ability to give useful feedback to employees.

Based on experiential learning and experimental approach, this workshop allowed managers to experience the pleasure of a new and playful collaborative challenge, both personal and collective.

Duration: 2 sessions of 1h30 each with 35 – 45 managers from different departments

Methods: robotics LEGO Education, Creative Problem Solving, experimental approach, experiential learning

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