Innovation and smart working

Cliente: Amministrazione Regionale 


«Teleworking and remote work: how to manage your team»

A blended formula with e-learning, face-to-face and distance learning, collective intelligence and co-development sessions. A six-month course to enable the managers to put into practice during inter-sessions.

Objective: to examine key aspects of telework such as management through trust, employee’s autonomy, continuous improvement, diversity, evaluation tools, communication methods, facilitation of physical and virtual meetings.

Based on a playful pedagogy, this dynamic and engaging masterclass was a real success. Initially biased against teleworking, the participants concluded the training motivated by its advantages. They desired to get the teams involved in this new form of work as soon as possible.

Duration: 6 months for 2 groups of 12 managers and directors of different services (IT, social, human resources).

Methods: Thiagi’s interactive strategies, creativity and collective intelligence techniques, Neurocognitive Approach, Polarity Thinking, Design Thinking, NLP, Co-development.

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