Project Coaching

Objective: learning how to innovate faster and how to create products and services as elegant, efficient, and enjoyable as possible

“You need to generate new product and service ideas, but you don’t know how to do it”

“You want to verify that your idea corresponds to a real need, limiting the risk of wasting time and money in its development”

“You need an effective method to accelerate the launch”

“You need an effective method to make your idea a successful product or service”

If you identify yourself in any of these statements, then this offer is for you


  • Workshops to stimulate creative intelligence, multiply ideas of products and services, and identify the brilliant idea that makes the difference. Duration: from 3 hours to two days depending on the complexity of the project.

  • Game Thinking path to quickly and effectively move from idea to product in five key stages:

Game thinking is an innovative approach to product management. Created by Amy Jo Kim, an internationally renowned game designer, prestigious companies such as Ubisoft, Disney, Google, Microsoft, eBay, Netflix, and Tesco quickly adopted it.

The Game Thinking program covers a period from 1 to 8 weeks, depending on your availability, with regular workshops of varying duration, from 3 hours to a day.
According to your priorities (i.e., identify the target audience and specific needs, build an engaging user experience, motivate loyalty), you can run the whole program or part of it.


  • Any team that wants to innovate its offer

  • Marketing Team

  • Start up

Our assets

  • The integration of innovative and easy to implement techniques (Creative Problem Solving, Game Thinking)

  • Training at Game Thinking directly with founder Amy Jo Kim

  • Participation in the international community of Game Thinking Coach, to benefit from the best case studies and field updates

Your benefits

  • Test your ideas on the most appropriate people to find the right product/market match

  • Adopting a process that guarantees a successful launch

  • Reduce the churn rate and involve your customers in the long term

  • Acquire proven instruments to be reused later on autonomously or with possible supervision

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