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Playful activities turn the unexpected and change into an opportunity to develop behavioral, emotional, cognitive and learning agility.

Letting people play seriously is a simple and effective way to train soft skills and improve the ability to work as a team.



We consider any activity ‘playful’ when it is:


It raises curiosity and the desire to do, interact, and be a protagonist (inner motivation), as well as the desire to achieve the goal (external motivation).


Playing occurs in a precise and relevant context that gives meaning to the activity. It develops on facts, on what happens.

Socially interactive

It invites to reflect together, to enrich understanding and co-construct knowledge, to collaborate and learning better with others.


It implies practical work, learning through actions and decisions that generate “hard fun”, in a holistic approach of the person and a systemic approach of the group.


It involves experimentation, learning by trial and error and iteration of behaviors until the goal is reached, in a logic of progression.

Source LEGO Foundation: Neuroscience and learning through play

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