The context

The current business environment is volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous (VUCA).

This requires new efforts to the companies in order to adapt to:

  • The rapid and continuous changes in markets and technologies

  • The increased exploitation of information technology

  • The multicultural flexibility linked to globalization and the intergenerational gap between digital and non-digital natives

  • The smart working forms such as working remotely, in telework, with the collaboration of external freelancers, in international teams

Forecasting becomes difficult and focusing on procedures is not enough. It is necessary to react quickly to unforeseen events without a complete notion of opportunities. In this configuration, the contribution and boldness of each employee becomes essential to have a better perception and find effective solutions to new problems.

This implies that in addition to professional skills, soft skills must be developed:

  • at managerial level, moving from a control posture to a leader-facilitator posture

  • at operational level, promoting communication, collaboration, negotiation, problem solving, individual and collective creativity.

Teamwork becomes a priority in organizations: knowing how to work well together with systemic and relational intelligence is the starting point to find valid solutions and continuously innovate.

Faced with VUCA contexts that continue to accelerate, organizations need to involve everybody, to leverage the sense of belonging, to empower everyone.  Above all, they need to facilitate employees in learning how to learn from the past to project oneself into the future.

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